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If you're like us, you LOVE training in the martial arts! There's nothing like the sense of fun and flow that comes when you're training hard, pushing the pace and challenging yourself. 

Also, if you're anything like us, nothing kills that feeling faster than having to stop training to retie your belt!

That's why we created The Knot Lock™. The Knot Lock was designed by a Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu and Judo black belt as an innovative garment accessory to the standard martial arts uniform to keep your belt tied, no matter how intense your training gets! Better still, it comes in a variety of colors so that you can easily match your Knot Lock to your current belt rank.  

Here at The Knot Lock, our motto is: "​Spend your time training... not re-tying your belt! Lock down your knot with The Knot Lock!"

The Knot Lock comes in a variety of colors: White, Green, Blue, Purple, Brown, Black

Navigate to our INSTRUCTIONS page and watch the video to learn how to lock down your knot! 

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